Leslie Callison: Financial Coach and Professional Organizer serving southwest Missouri

Leslie Callison

Financial Coach and Professional Organizer

Are you living the life you want?

For many people, the burden of unmanaged finances and the burden of stuff create an overwhelming sense of anxiety, perhaps guilt and shame, and a loss of where to start to correct the problem(s). 

This is where Unburdened steps in. My goal is to provide instruction, strategy, and accountability for those needing help with basic financial management issues and/or clutter and organization issues that lead clients to a place of peace with, control over, and freedom with their money and their belongings.

Unburdened is located in Springfield, MO and is happily serving southwest Missouri in person. Virtual visits can be arranged, however, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

For nearly 16 years, I had the privilege of serving as a high school educator, and I truly loved teaching. When I was ready to transition out of the classroom, I realized that educating others wasn't something I could give up. Now, however, I can focus my teacher heart entirely on the things that truly bring joy, peace and freedom to my life--finances and organizing--and help others bring that same joy, peace and freedom to their lives. 

Education and Credentials: