Step 1: Book a free 30-minute Q&A call. I can answer any questions you might have regarding financial coaching, and we can determine if it is a good fit for you.

Step 2: Schedule a 2-hour Discovery Session. The Discovery Session can be in-person or virtual and is where we really dive into your finances. There is some significant prep work that you complete and submit prior to the meeting, which will allow us to maximize our time together. We will discuss your financial goals and look over all income, expenses, savings, and debt to really get a clear picture of your financial situation. We will then work together to develop a strategy that you feel is workable and manageable for you to meet your financial goals. The investment for the Discovery Session is $200.

Step 3: Determine if on-going coaching is needed. The Discovery Session may be all you need to get your finances on the right track, but we can also determine if you may need additional coaching and accountability,