Q&A Call

This is a 30-minute call where you can ask questions and interview me about services and my process. There is no cost for this phone call. You can click the link below to schedule a date and time.


The consultation is a 60-minute session where I will come to your home and assess the space with which you would like help. This gives me a chance to see the layout of the area, how much stuff you have, your current organizing style, and to get an idea of how you need your space to function. I can then provide an estimate for how much time I think the project would take.

This is also an opportunity for you to interview me in order to determine if you would like to move forward, so please ask a lot of questions!

The consultation has no cost commitment, just the commitment of your time. You can click the link below if you are interested in scheduling.

Organizing Sessions

What you receive with each session:

  • Plan time. This will allow us to go more in depth about the goal of the session, to discuss whether or not there is a need for or a budget for containers, and a chance for me to take any measurements I may need.

  • Session time. The decluttering/organizing sessions will typically consist of pulling all items out of an area so you can touch and make decisions about each one. Once that is complete, I take over in putting the space back together, and you get to go have a cup of coffee or tea or Diet Coke or whatever (no judgment--decluttering is hard work!). Once you have gone through the consultation, we can determine which package would be the best fit for you. This session time is the same as the package you purchase (i.e. if you purchase a 4-hour package, your declutter/organizing time will be four hours).

  • Trash and donation removal. After the decluttering process is complete, I will remove trash and donation items that will fit in my van. I will help facilitate pickup of larger donation items.

  • Follow-up session. Approximately one month after our session, I will follow up to make sure the system that was put into place is working for you. If it is not, we can discuss what may need to be tweaked to make it a better fit.


A three-hour session is the minimum that can be booked, but there is no maximum. The investment for the three-hour session is $200.00. Anything over three hours would be an additional $50.00 per hour. When purchasing over three hours, that time does not have to be used on the same day but has to be used within one year of purchase.