Declutter & organize

Who Would Benefit from Organizing Services?

  1. Looking to simply get your home--whether in part or in whole--in order. I would help with decluttering your area of choice and then would organize what is left in a way that will function for you and your style.

  2. Downsizing to a smaller home. You may need help determining what to keep, packing it for the move, and possibly setting up the new home. This can often be an emotional journey as it may require the release of items of sentimental items, and it is often helpful to have an objective third party by your side.

  3. Cleaning out homes of loved ones. This could be because that person has moved to a long-term facility or because that person has passed on--either way, another emotionally-charged situation. I will assist with going through the items in the home, listen to stories of memories attached to the items, and help you say good-bye to those items you can't or don't want to keep.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about the services offered or the process itself, please click the link below to schedule a Q&A call with me (Leslie).